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Here are some frequently asked questions regarding our products, services and website.


Q. What is GS-COM's warranty policy?

Our summarized warranty policy:

a) Non PC/laptop tech items have a std. warranty period of 6 months from date of purchase.

b) PCs/Laptops carry a std. warranty period of 1 year. Some PCs such as some DELL brands carry a manufacturers warranty of 3 years. Exra warranty can also be purchased for some brands.

c) Some tech item only carry a warranty of 1 week, so it depends on the items being purchased.

d) For PCs/Desktops/Servers, the warranty is only valid if the item is on a UPS and the warranty sticker at the back is not peeled off or damaged.

e) Shall any item being returned due to malfunction and under the warranty period, and show excessive signs of abuse, (very dirty, broken, or burnt), the warranty is void.

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